Digitize from old VHS, Film, Negatives or Photographs
Digitize from old VHS, Film, Negatives or Photographs

Boxes full of old VHS cassettes, photographs, film and/or negatives. We are here to help you preserve those memories.

We take your memories from VHS cassettes, old photographs, film and negatives and put them in a digital form that can be downloaded or put on DVD/USB. The great thing is that you can share it with family and friends. You can make printed books from the photos or negatives.

Do you have an upcoming reunion or anniversary coming up? JamSum Media and Design can make a fun slideshow with the old photos, film, negatives and VHS. Bring back to nostalgia of the fun memories you shared through the years to your reunion or anniversary.

Did a photo get destroyed or lost but you have the negative? We can get the photo from the negative and get your photo printed for you to have.

Contact us and lets discuss how we can preserve or restore your memories from VHS, Photographs, film or negatives.

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