We are proud to offer many different kinds of media & design to our clients.


Web Design & Custom Programming

Get a custom designed website by JamSum Media & Design.   We work with the client to come up with their website design. We will prepare a customize Web Site Design Option. With all Web Design and Custom Programming we provide hosting for the site. We provide many different options for web sites. From a basic informational site to an eCommerce site.


Custom Graphics

If you are just looking to update your graphics like Logo Design, Buttons and Icons for your site, promotional items and/or social media, contact us today to find out how we can help you.



Thinking of creating an online catalog for your business? Not sure if it is right for you? JamSum can help set up a custom designed full color one for your business, linking it to your website. You can sell your items online without having to print expensive color catalogs.  The ability to send out an electronic catalog to your clients instead of a printed one.


We also offer online books, scrapbooks and manuals.


PDF Creations

Do you need files converted to PDFs? Or do you need one created for market, promotions, etc?  Let us quote you price for the PDF Creation.


Website Copy

Are you having writer's block and/or don't know actually what to put on your site.  Let JamSum help you with website copy for your site.


Ad Banners

Are you in need of ads for online sites?  JamSum Media & Design can create you a standard size or a custom size for what the site needs.


   100 x 75

   120 x 60

   120 x 90

   120 x 600

   125 x 125

   468 x 60

   Customized size of your choice



We offer blog sites that can be customized for your needs.


Print Work

We create items for print.  From ads to brochures to books.


Website Evaluations

Are visitors repelled by your website? Does your website draw the clients you wish to reach? Is your website designed with the customer in mind?


Maybe it's time for a change...


JamSum's Web Team evaluates your website page by page, keyword by keyword and button by button and provides you with ways to make your site better. We provide you with real information you need in order to make your website sell, sell, sell.


Click here to few the different website evaluation packages we have.


Website/Social Media Templates

Do you just need your main site look updated?  Or do you want to add something extra to your social media pages?  JamSum can create a custom look for your site.


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